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Remote Play is passable if you have a very good network connection. They have continued to work on their game streaming tech all gen with both PS Now and Remote Play, and I fully expect them to continue the feature with PS5.

The only problem with Remote Play and PS Now on current Smartphones is the lack of buttons. Remote Play on Xperia devices is unplayable with the phone alone due to the utterly crap touch controls. That means you will need to carry both your Phone and your DualShock 5 with you everywhere you go.

I see Remote Play and PlayStation Now as one option Sony should offer for all Non PlayStation devices. However, I think it is very improtant that they also bring out a Handheld and a Phone on the Ryzen/Navi platform that shares the same OS and Library as PS5. The Switch has shown that people are willing to pay $300 for a games only device with a limited number of AAA titles. If Sony brings out a PlayStation Phone and Handheld for $500/$400 that have a shared library with PS5, they should easily find a profitable and sustainable userbase. With 7nm, M.2 SSD's, and Solid State Batteries, 2020 is looking like the perfect time for them to release PS5, PS5 Phone, and PS5 Handheld.

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