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Amnesia said:
I dont think we can exactely anticipate the effect of the Q3 line up of the Switch.
It can still be : 2 - 3 - 12 - 3 for the 4 Q until 31th March 2019.

That would be easily the most unusual fiscal year for any game platform probably in the history of the business. 

A 12 million Q3 would be higher than the best holiday season for both the Wii AND DS. DS' peak holiday quarter was 11.8, so literally you are going from three pretty "meh-OK" quarters to one "HOLYFUCKENSTEIN RECORD BREAKING BEST QUARTER IN 40 YEARS OF GAME SALES", lol. 

I don't think that's realistic. I think Q3 will be very good for Nintendo, but 9-10 mill is probably a lot more realistic.