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Nem said:
Mr Puggsly said:

The dems are arguing he's going to make abortion a crime. Your concern is he will become a dictator? This is why we don't take Trump criticism seriously.

Don't care if you do. I actually don't expect many who got him there to learn until it personally hits them. You got more to lose from it than me.

And also, it's not just that. It isn't one concern. There are countless terrible things he is doing. You thinking he wouldn't try to make a play for power, is naive though.  I'm sure that's what the Turkish were saying about Erdogan. xD

Fearmongering, its already a tactic by left here in the states.

The nonsense you're spewing is what helped a network like CNN become a joke. We've come full circle in this discussion.

Some would argue Obama did some terrible things, objectively. A president making unpopular decisions isn't equal to dictatorship.

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