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Doing a major 24 million on DS and while no where close it's sequel still did a respectable 4 million on 3DS. It's been quite a while since it's last game and the last time the franchise appeared was in Super Mario Odyssey;

Would you like to see Nintendo bring back Nintendogs on Switch as well as maybe a Nintendogs mobile game to go alongside it? Either way I still think this adorable pet sim has a lot of potential left in it.

Do you think it could make a successful return and what do you think Nintendo would need to do with franchise in order to so?

Personally here are some my ideas I think should happen to if Nintendo were to make a new Nintendogs game:

-Release a brand new Switch version along side a f2p mobile version which can interact with each other

-Return of cats with features and interactivity on par with dogs

-Online connectivity so you can visit friends pets, houses, play minigames and more

-In depth house and garden customisation for your pets to live and play in