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Drakrami said:

I dont feel XboxOne is doing too well... how are their numbers up 39%?

What's in the gaming division? Is Skype, windows games and etc... still in this division or..?

Ok I just googled my own question. 

It is easily explainable really. The two countries where we get constant hardware numbers, US and Japan, show that the one is doing much better than last year, unit wise. It is selling a lot more at a much higher average price due to the X. We know for a fact that Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 are doing very well. BUPG is bringing huge amount of money that wasn't available last year. It is adding one million hey players each month! Yet, when you consider all of this, they say the reason is third party games. You can imagine how well the third party games are doing .