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McDonaldsGuy said:
Soundwave said:

Trumpkins don't believe anything even when the truth is staring them straight in the face.

This is the same candidate who said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose supporters.

Obama said Romney's foreign policy belonged in the 1980s because of his comments on Russia.

Obama said Russia wasn't a threat to the USA and was a "regional power" that was "acting out of weakness" after the invasion of Crimea. Obama said he was more worried about a nuke going off in the middle of Manhattan than Russia.

You lost and now you're throwing a temper tantrum. You never expected to lose.

Obama crippled the Russian economy for their take over of Crimea. 

Trump won't do a damn thing. They have dirt on him and its obvious and clear as day to see him get chumped on TV like that, lol. 

It's hilarious actually. A president getting actively clowned like that, great TV.