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twintail said:
MasterThief said:

the fact that we got 0 games in two E3s in a row from Sony is pathetic. all we got is the same games across like 3 different conferences

its miserable. 

in 2017 they announced Bravo Team, Hidden Agenda, Horizon expansion, Inpatient, Shadow of the Colossus PS4. This year it was Déraciné and some Playlink titles. Nioh 2 sorta if they are still publishers for outside of Japan like the first game.

0 games in not fact. its fiction.

Anyhow there is a new San Diego studio from Sony (or at least an expansion - either way there will be a new game from them) and of course Manchester Studio was established in 2015 so they have a game that should be ready soonish.

he is singing that tune for a while now he conveniently choose to forget Ghost of Tshushima and concrete genie announced last year