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Nautilus said:
Jranation said:

Cant that person just express his or her opinion in the official Bestheda e3 thread? Because if 1 person created his or her own thread, then multiple people will do it too. 

And if that thread had a meaningful topic to be discussed, whats the problem?If the problem is that "there are too many threads going on and too many discussions happening", then thats a good problem to have honestly.And sometimes a user just wants to focus on one specific part of the conference and talk about that, without being buried under other topics that a general thread like the official E3 thread would be.

I mean, when Nintendo conference comes and goes, Im pretty sure that people will want to make threads to discuss only Smash, or FE, or a new IP that may happen to be announce there.But the mods wont close those threads, because they are positive and are about topics they approve or something of the sort.Only negative topics will be close, and thats just wrong.

I want CGI to confirm this. But from reading the thread. I thought that (for example) "Smash Super Brawl revealed" thread is fine. But "This is why I hate Smash Super Brawl" thread is not fine. 

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