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Oneeee-Chan!!! said:
Azzanation said:

Did Monster Hunter World outsell Halo 5 on the XB1? If so I didn't know that and congrats to Capcon. If its comparing all systems MHW is on to just Halo 5 on XB1 than its as simple as saying "TOYOTA sell more cars to Ferrari" comparisions.

At least , some jrpgs would outsell Xbox's biggest franchise .

So what is niche ?

Tell me Xbox people.

Not sure why you are asking me. I am not a Xbox people.

However I will answer.

Niche is something that doesnt appeal to the masses. 

Eg - Call of Duty is not Niche, Dark Souls is Niche. 

Niche can still be great but that doesnt mean everyone will like it. 

(Also i read your replies, nationality has nothing to do with it)

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