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Going through the Best Buy, Amazon, and GameStop data for the past few days (Amazon Switch is first but rankings are lower and it is getting closer to PS4; on BestBuy PS4 has overtaken Switch again in both top first console SKU and top second console SKU; on Gamestop Switch has more fragmentation and its position has improved compared to February but there are two top selling PS4 SKUs above it). I am now starting to think that my earlier prediction mentioned here for the month is wrong and that Switch will not come in first for March but rather PS4 will (as of now my prediction is PS4>Switch>Xbox). I also completely forgot that Far Cry was launching in March, so that (along with more larger scale new releases for the year versus Switch; not to mention how some of these new releases may push some more enthusiastic current PS4 owners to purchase a PS4 Pro) should give PS4 the leg up for this month.