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JRPGfan said:
RolStoppable said:

90% is actually generous. I would have said 130% myself, but I got beaten to the punch.

I was trying to make a point.... I dont actually believe its 90%.
But yeah I think it could be high, more than half are probably playing Sea of Theives via Gamepass imo.

How many of that are actually just people finally given a reason to use that 14day free trail of gamepass? probably alot too.

If I had to guess I’d say it’s around:

50% sales 

25% game pass subs paid

25% gamepass free trial

but even if it’s more like 

35% sales= 350k copies sold

40% free trial GP

25% paid game pass

thats Still 350k sales for a new ip. And while some are sure to use the game pass free trial it can only be used once. And many are sure to try it for sea of thieves and start subbing because it’s such a awesome service. That’s what I did. Signed up for the free trial with no intention of actually paying anything. But here I am 3 months later an I don’t plan to unsubscribe.


also every single month that goes by makes the ‘but but everyone is probably using the free trial’ argument more pointless. This just released, Then it’s going to be SOD2, then crackdown, than forza horizon 4, then possibly halo, then ori2 with indies, older AAA games like rise of the tomb raider, and older exclusives like quantum break, cuphead, and ori 1 sprinkled in between those big games. Maybe ms will go out and pay for games to come to game pass on day 1. I’m sure the argument will change from “free trial” to “only subbing 1 month”.

Halo MCC will sell 5+ million copies(including digital)

halo 5 will sell 10 million copies(including digital)

x1 will pass ps4 in USA, and UK.