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haxxiy said:
Nymeria said:

I imagined the inverse of if we landed on an alien world how with no malice we could upset the balance there.  The entity that landed seems to be terraforming and incorporating Earth and all the organisms into itself. From our perspective this is a hostile act of corruption or annihilation (!) but we have no idea how it sees this if it thinks in a way we can even perceive. I agree the use of glass, water, and plastic as a motif through the film plays on how perception can be warped when seen through a lens.  The entity may see our world as confusing and refracted and is "correcting" it to make sense of it.

So, basically The Color Out of Space?

You may have liked it, but between that and the fact there was already a book series, it doesn't seem that original.

Of course, sometines execution matters more than originality, but even then, a C with audiences suggests it isn't going to attract many.

I admit I wasn't aware of the books, I plan to check them out.

How we define originality is based on our exposure.  I was comparing it on the landscape of current movies.  When I see a flood of sequels, reboots, remakes, and based off well known popular brands it makes something like this stand out.

I'm not sure how one would make a wholly original work or if it is possible or would be comprehensible.  I'd put it on a scale as one of the most distinct movies of 2018.   The blockbusters get tons of attention, I think it is important mid tier movies continue to exist to allow for experimentation.