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Doc755 said:

While obviously edited, Thor: The Dark World is airing on FX on Tuesday at 7:30pm and Wednesday at 5:00pm (I assume EST) if you’re interested.

As for the “realms” I was just discussing this with Veknoid earlier in the week. I was confused if a realm meant a “universe” and if Midgard contained all of ours vs. other realms which seems to be one planet. Per the MCU wiki, the nine realms refer specifically to the planets only that are connected, Earth and Asgard being two of them. Asgard still confuses me because instead of a planet it seems to be a floating city in space. So who knows?

UK based I'm afraid, but thanks.

From what they say and how they show it, it's in space and their bifrost connects them. In the comics it's simple, they are literal realms, dimensions even just next to each other. But alas, a problem with converting the MU and claiming it's science based and not magic.

Hmm, pie.