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OdinHades said:

In the last few years, there was a lot of hype all around TV series or Netflix series. All the time people would recommend me some show that I just had to watch. But I always was more of a movie-person. And I will tell you why. There was this series I was interested in called Black Sails. I love Pirates in general, I love Pirates of the Caribbean, so I decided to finally watch it. And while I like the setting and all it's just so damn boring. Seriously, all they do is talk talk and talk. There are episodes where literally nothing happens at all. All the characters just talk about what they want to do or what they have done in the past or this and that. Just yesterday I watched 4 episodes of season 2 and almost nothing happened! 

I experienced that in a lot of other series too. They always feel so damn stretched. Seriously, you could fit the story of a lot of TV series in just one movie if you cut out all the useless talk. I have the same feeling with Black Sails. I really like the idea of a prequel to Treasure Island, but you could just do that in one movie instead of a series with 4 fucking seasons! 

Of course there are some exceptions from this like Breaking Bad. I sure loved that show, but almost no other series is on that level. In most cases there is just too much talking and too little action. I mean, who has the time to watch all that meaningless crap? If you want to tell a story, do it within a movie. 2 hours is more than enough to tell just about any story you want to. The only TV series I really enjoy are those where every episode is enjoyable themselves. Like Family Guy, South Park or How I met your Mother. I love those shows, but I can just watch any episode without knowing anything about past episodes and have fun with it.

Yeah, so long story short: Movies > TV series. Now please someone tell me that Black Sails gets better with Season 3. xP

Thats why i dont like Game of Thrones. I have waited 3 seasons that she can cross the ocean. I just never tuned in again. Because she didnt. 

Homeland is the only series i am watching.