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thismeintiel said:
It's sad when even Steven Spielberg has run out of ideas.

He's made so many good movies that I think the man has earned the right to direct what he likes.

Personally, I'm kind of happy they're revisiting Indiana Jones. I've always felt iconic characters deserve proper sendoffs, and Stallone showed with Rocky Balboa that it can be done right... The truth is Indi should have just been left at the Last Crusade as that was a great film (might actually be my favorite of the trilogy), but now that Crystal is a thing a proper close to the franchise seems necessary again.

I'm not entirely sure it's fair to say he's run out of ideas either, as even when one revisits a franchise new ideas can still be instilled into them, which is hopefully what we see here. It's not as if anyone is really coming up with original stories anymore; the best one can do is give them a fresh coat of paint and context.