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Azuren said:
Shadow1980 said:

And if Rey is a Mary Sue, then Luke is a Marty Stu.

Gonna stop you right there:


1. Luke's one gift in life was his pilot skills, which was attained through practice, not by virtue of being a female Protagonist.

2. Luke lived a normal Tatooine life; Rey "struggled" and is therefore more interesting by default.

3. Luke got fucked by Jawas and nearly got fucked in the cantina; Rey kicked the shit out of a group of armed individuals.

4. Luke was roughly on Han's level of skill when manning the guns in the MF; Rey is a goddess with all forms of technology even though that's not how the force works.

5. Luke had to struggle and concentrate to use force pull in the Wampa cave; Rey accidentally used force pull to much greater effectiveness with no effort from a further distance.

6. Luke not only lost his first lightsaber duel, but lost a damn hand in the process and nearly died; Rey humiliated Kylo, whose only disadvantage seemed to be because he was male.

7. Luke never pulled off any high level force techniques until he'd trained for 3 years; Rey accidentally did the mind trick on the second try.

8. Luke's skill with a blaster could be explained by his proficiency for gunning things down in his ship on Tatooine; Rey instinctively got a kill shot the second time she ever fired a blaster and proceeded to get an insane kill:shot ratio.

9. Luke struggled and failed to lift an X-wing, and barely managed to lift three rocks while balancing; Rey lifted rocks like it ain't no thang and does zero effort.


The fact is Luke had clear parameters on what kind of person he was in IV, which gradually expanded over the course of V and VI, with RotJ showing him as a Jedi after training for a number of years. Rey has been doing things that Final Form Luke had trouble pulling off (his mind trick didn't work every time, whereas Rey has a perfect success rate). Rey is the single worst character in all of Star Wars, and the only ones who disagree seem to be disillusioned about there NEEDING to be a perfect female Jedi as the protagonist.


Sorry, but super-flawed Jedi Finn sounds like a much better choice. His journey to become a Jedi would be so much more interesting to watch.

Goddam, I love this post.

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