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Goodnightmoon said:
Lawlight said:

I think BvS was great as a movie but I’ve always said that that Superman was not the Superman that I wanted. I thought it was quite smart in what it tried to do. JL is pure comic book come to life. Think of The Dark Knight - best CBM of all time but it’s not the Batman that we know or want. I mean seeing Superman as he should be for the first time ever - that is something.

BvS was painfully terrible, a joke to cinema.

I honestly think it was not THAT bad. I mean, it was mediocre, but I honestly think there are a lot of films which are much, much, much worse than BvS XD. Character motivations and some stupid plot holes made that movie mediocre, but I think that casting visuals (except Doomsday, ugh) and some action scenes were good. I don't think Snyder lacks directorial skills (he's not loved, but I honestly think he's not THAT bad), but his movies always lacks in writing. Even in Watchmen, which was arguably his best movie, a movie which I adore today.

JL, on the other hand, is paintfully terrible as you described BvS. It feels like they tried too much to Marvelize the movie, and it felt that it totally lack any identity, which, for me, is a terrible mistake. BvS had, at least, an identity. JL is a clusterfuck in every imaginable way.

At the moment, I'd say that in the DCEU there's a fantastic movie (Wonder Woman), two mediocre movies (Man of Steel and Bvs) and two.... horrifid things which's hard to describe as movies (Justice League and Suicide Squad). So, that's not what I'd call a stellar record tbh.