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ryuzaki57 said:
Bajablo said: and i have a little feeling that bethesda will have it too.. and Ubisoft.. and... you get my point.. they are selling games and they are selling well

Actually I really don't. Maybe you could enlighten me with the high sales figures of Ubi and Bethesda on Switch?

What I know is :

- Nights of Azure 2 Switch sold 13% of total in Japan, 8 times less than PS versions

- Fate Extella sold 15 times less than on PS platforms in Japan

Seems you didn't factor in Switch ownership in Japan versus PS platforms, the former of which experienced severe supply problems and have been out for less time.

Also, I assume you mean Vita and 4 when referring to PS versions/platforms. Hardly a fair comparison, I would think.

And finally, let's check up on these games on Amazon:



As of this post, Nights of Azure 2's PS4 version ranks at 1353, Switch version 1023.



PS4 version rank 29870, Switch version 20208.

ryuzaki57 said:

- FIFA18 Switch has vanished from EU charts and showed up low in the NPD Switch chart

- NBA2K18 Switch barely showed up in EU charts

Sports games don't do as well on switch as they do on ps4 and x1 if Amazon is anything to go by:




ps4, 624

x1, 685

switch, 1492

and yet other titles seem to do better on Switch. See Sonic Mania


switch, 927

ps4, 2666

x1, 3357

Rime on switch versus ps4 versus x1, 429 vs 1260 vs 5621. Note Rime's higher price on Switch.


Axiom Verge on switch and ps4; 684, 3397



Keep in mind ownership numbers as we go through these figures.

ryuzaki57 said:

We'll have more data in the next 2 months but so far 3rd parties on Switch haven't set worldwide charts on fire, while PS4 3rd parties are always in good position.

Also, Ubi is just porting old games on Switch and keeps its big projects for PS4 (AC, Far Cry, etc.) so it's not an example of solid 3rd party support.