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After spending more hours on Stardew Valley than any other game this year (beating BotW by, at least, 20h), I think I've had enough of that game, and just in time for Mario. I've completed the Town Hall bundles, I reached the 300th floor on the Skull Cavern, I've finished building my house, married and had two kids, passed Grandpa's test and created a massive enterprise based on quality wines and licquors. The only things left to do are maximizing the three skill points left and finishing the museum quests. I could finish them, but I think I've had enough.

When you're playing this kind of games without ending (single player, of course, multiplayer has other lures), what makes you consider yourself done with the game? Do you complete everything on it, or do you just stop playing it after you had enough?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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