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LurkerJ said:
Barozi said:

Really? With only ~4% of the EU population being moslems, that would take centuries to change.

Is 2 generations from now is not soon enough for you? Post christian european secularists have 1.3 children per couple, while the figure for European muslim couples is 3.5, the number is higher for newly settled muslim immigrants. Moreover, muslims don't have to make up more than 50 percent of the society for them to exert unfavorable cultural changes, and they don't even have to proliferate in all of Europe. France, Germany, the UK and the likes are enough.

I love how you don't disagree that the EU isn't facing an islamization problem, you just disagree with me on when it's happening... and I thought you guys were supposed to be the "nice" ones. Let's assume it will take centuries as you say, why isn't that a problem? You don't care about future generations? or is that only a concern when we're talking about climate change?

Some of my best friends are immigrants and quite a number are Muslims. Where exactly is your problem?! The task is to educate them so they respect your country and its laws. And those laws are above any religion.

Extremists are the problem, be it Quran, Bible, Hindu scripts, Shoah or whatever f'in book they fight for. And even if they don't have a book, just an attitude.


RolStoppable said:
Errorist76 said:

Poor guy. Corrected. So you really voted for AfD with an attitude. Ok, now I know which type you are.

And which type would that be? There's a lot of prejudice oozing from your posts.

You're supporting the AfD but I'm the one with prejudices?! Now that you've moved to Austria, who do you support there?! The FPÖ?!