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You have no clue what a RPG is. JRPG is not RPG, it's a genre based on D&D, but with no actual D&D elements on it. The RPG part of JRPG is a loose appropriation. I cannot think of a single JRPG that has roleplay. True RPGs are Baldur's Gate, Fallout 2 and Witcher 3.

The thing is, JRPG as a genre, never really evolved. There's no random encounters and turn-based combat in some games anymore, but the rest is all the same. Atlus is the best one with SMT and Persona, but there's barely any difference between those games and what Enix did so many years ago, they're still badly written. The rest of the industry, on the other hand, evolved heavily, the difference between Planescate: Torment and The Witcher 3 is huge, even though both of those games share a lot of the same elements. JRPG is a genre fated to be niche, unless the developers take it to another level. That's why you don't like JRPGs anymore, that's a tired genre that had it's time, but it's struggling to stay alive. Or maybe you just want the old JRPGs, with less western influence, and if that's the case, there's still tons of them on the 3DS and PS Vita, pretty much the same games as before, but with new graphics.