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mZuzek said:
monocle_layton said:

There is no doubt that AS/OM and sun/moon could've been better, but the series is still something which consistently pushes out games worthy of 80-88ish, which is why I give it recognition.

The 3ds is laughably weak, and it's obvious they wanted to truly expand the game. Nintendo is improving many of your IP's, so don't be too worried about the series.i know you disliked sun/moon, but the Switch titles will hopefully allow the new director to do what he wanted

Oh I'm pretty sure he already did a lot of stuff he wanted to do. Weak hardware was never the reason for introducing UBs or Z-moves.

I do want to believe Pokémon will make a return to form on the Switch, but it's just impossible with that guy in charge. I have absolute zero trust in him, with the 3 games he's been involved with being by far the 3 Pokémon games I most dislike, and all of them having introduced very crappy ideas (which can't be thrown away in later games because this is Pokémon).

I do think Sun/Moon are alright games on their own, 7.5ish maybe. It's the additions they make to the franchise that make them so hard for me to swallow - on the other hand, OR/AS are just plain terrible.

Well, the Switch has been doing well in terms of improving franchises. I'll be optimistic surrounding Prime 4 and Gen 8, but we'll see what happens