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Kyuu said:
No. Price and specs were perfectly timed. If PS4 Pro fails, then that just means most consumers aren't into mid-gen upgrade as a whole concept.

If Sony made the Pro more powerful and released it 6-12 months after the Scorpio, it would have been too close to the PS5 and more of a late-gen upgrade. The gap between current and next gen Playstation would be too small.

Scropio's absurd power upgrade over the original X1 was an overkill for a mid-gen upgrade. It indicates that Microsoft will no longer produce traditional consoles. They're turning Xbox into a closed PC of sorts.

Exactly. Microsoft is in the midst of a contradiction, whilst trying to give everyone "options". They are spreading themselves thin trying to be everything to everyone. In the end, they are just creating a vessel with an eco system second to their competition wherever you look. On PC they are second and on consoles they are second (and if the Switch does well third).