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SonytendoAmiibo said:
Barkley said:

It's not people feel it's gaudy, it's that the VR experience would be bloody awful. 720p Screen... basically just a crap Samsung Gear.

Though on another note, has anyone ever thought that the tablet itself may not have gyroscope, accelerometer and all those sensors you need in it? Sure it has motion control capabilities while the Joycons are attached, does the ACTUAL tablet have sensors in?


If not, Nintendo would need to add gyros to the headset. There goes the $99.00 price tag.

Not exactly. I mean the two joycons sell for less than $100.

Then headset wouldn't need HD rumble, or the other features the joycons have. So you have a plastic headpiece, some lenses and a gyroscope. gyroscope is not an expensive thing. Practically everything has it these days.

Also the $100 I tossed up was just a figure, cause that is what like the Samsung headsets are. And they are insanely overpriceed. They are basically just plastic headset with lenses. No way that costs more than $10 to make. Thus why you always hear some promotion where you buy a new samsung phone you get a free headset.