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LurkerJ said:
SkepticallyMinded said:


Not bad news anymore. The show needs better writers and a tighter grip over the messy story. Lack of attention to details is astonishing.

10 years ago, I fell into JJ Abram's trap of withholding too much information from viewers. LOST was so intriguing because we knew nothing for 2 seasons. The moment we started getting answers was the moment the show stopped being fun. His remedy was to introduce more questions, the show ended with so many questions left unanswered. That's not bad, because the ones that were answered just made us sigh. 

The moment WW started giving us the complete stories behind the park was the moment it turned into a mess. Assuming you didn't mind that a minor employee can do whatever he wants with a tablet endangering everyone without being caught.

This is a good point but I don't think this will go the route of Lost. Information was revealed about characters who ultimately were killed off, so their back story was going to become immediately irrelevant if it wasn't told at this time.