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John2290 said:

In my view Scorpio is just a marketing tactic by Xbox (Which worked wonderfully) to confuse the market and slow down sales on PS. Should Sony wait until Scorpio is released and then drop a PS5 release when MS are all dialed in, effectively making the Scorpio redundant right out the door. Whatever they pull, the ball is truely in Sonys court right now, even though it might seem otherwise.

It's my opinion that MS found out that Sony were releasing a new console this year which was a massive problem for them, because they would be at least a year out and were not expecting it and Sony would continue to pull people in with a better spec machine and a cheaper faster machine. So this meant Sony has two consoles better than MS. So i suspect thats why they went to E3 with a video showing what Scorpio was as they knew like the rest of us what the Sony device was going to be, either option that was apparently on the table was less than 6TF, so just say you are making a 6tf machine.

I think the Pr strategy worked because on the internet there are lots of people who are now suddenly interested in specs again, and I had a twitter exchange with people like Boogie who was saying Sony fumbled it because they were releasing a console that was 30% less powerful than the scorpio, even though we all know that scorpio isnt an actual device yet and not avaialable for at least another 12 months. Of course the console will be less powerful if its released a full year before the competitor, thats like saying the iPhone 7 will be less powerful than the iPhone 8. There will always be a console that is more powerful than the other, and to be fair thats the point I'm trying to make, which is launches are no longer aligned again and so we are in a situation where people are not having to replace their libraries the market has shifted.

If we look back to the PS3, it had a terrible price, but in the end the best library, it was less powerful than the Xbox in some ways but developers like Naughty dog made the Cell look powerful... all in all which stopped the console from being totally destroyed outside of the USA. This time the PS4 will have both the cost benefit and library benefit. So it wont have the power, but if we look at the returns of a more powerful console is going to give we are starting to get the to the point where we are seeing less benefits, and with consoles not being started afresh and PS4 games having to work on Pro machines, unless MS change their mind and make scorpio specific games I dont think people will notice much difference between it and the Pro, because they'll be held back by the XBO.

Price is an interesting aspect here, because the PS3 was too damn high, but every time Sony wanted to drop the price MS were there to match or improve it and Sony were never really able to claw back sales at a fast rate. I think price wise we can forget about the slim, this will drop by 50 pounds by xmas, but most people will be comparing the pro with scorpio. Next year Say MS bring out a 449 system, Sony could easily be alot cheaper than this by at least 100. is 30% difference going to make a big change in sales, of course the XBO will get good initial sales due to a new console launch, but its not going to beat a console that is 100 cheaper with a better library of games/

So long story short :) no I do not think Sony will release a PS5 console with Scorpio because I just dont think they need to.

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