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We're still too juvenile as a species to have gotten over the issues of racial hatred, but we are improving (though painfully slowly) every generation I think. One day we'll get there were it's a non-issue, but it's equally naive to think all of the sudden we live in a post-racial society today. Maybe in 200-300 years, right now we're still too petty and stupid of a species to completely be over it.

"Pride" parades and movements for minority groups make sense because those groups have been discriminated against in some cases for several hundred years and have made it through very difficult times with solidarity.

People who get bent out of shape over that are kinda assholes IMO, it's not bothering anyone and those types of movements are supremacist in nature.

And it doesn't really matter on race to me, for example if there was a white minority group living in say Japan, that was tortured and discriminated against in the past and now they want to have a parade to celebrate their community there, I would be totally fine and understanding of that. And if there were Japanese upset at that and wanted to have a Japanese Pride parade to shout them down, I'd say they're assholes for doing so.

It's like I'm not going to go to a Cancer Survivors group and if they decide to have a parade to celebrate that and say "fuck you, you think you're better than me because you survived cancer? You think I don't have problems? How come I don't get a parade?", that's obviously not the point they're trying to make, it's also like the petty logic of a 5-year-old who's upset that his brother got a lollipop at the doctor and he didn't.