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Intrinsic said:
kyprime said:


I doubt that was called for. 

Witcher "3", Dark souls "3" and bloodborne (which in truth is a dark souls reimagination) are nowheee near as original in overall concept to No Mans Sky.

I have two of those three games mind you, doesn't mean I can't still at least admit that No Mans Sky as at the very least more original than them. I didn't say better, I said original. 

And originality is good for the industry, unless ur ok with playing COD 20 every year. 

I agree the video was definitely uncalled for.  As to NMS, I alway look at originality with execution.  From what I am hearing from a bunch of friends who have played a good deal of time with the game, it need to go back into the oven especially on the PC side.

Personally I believe developers and publishers do not mind doing original things, but in a hits market like games, at 60 dollar a pop, gamers are not that adventurous to spend on original games unless the hype overweights execution.  NMS was a very ambitious project, especially for such a small dev team but no matter what your circumstances are, you still have to deliver on your product.  Right now, it seems a lot more time is still needed to get the game to the expectations set for consumers.