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Soundwave said:
Turkish said:

Iran is sending mercenaries into Iran to protect the butcher, child killer of Damascus. Their atrocities have been well documented. Saudi Arabia should be embargoed as well for promoting wahhabism in the world.

Trump is supporting Erdogan. They're gonna be good friends, Trump will consult Erdogan on how to deal with this part of the world. My hopes: Trump allowing Turkey to rule the entire middle east like it was the Ottoman Empire again. Crackdown on all extremists.

lol unlikely. Trump is in cahoots with Putin by the way. Erdogan is the same ol' crap that's dragging the entire Middle East down, another religious conservative wannabe dictator. At least the old brand (Saddam) were secular dictators. 

LMAO! Under Erdogan Turkey's GDP tripled, living standards and medical care is much improved, Istanbul has now more skyscrapers than any city in Europe and high speed rail roads are second to only like France in Europe!

Hilarious you mention Saddam, the butcher who gassed children and massacred many innocent people. Yeah that guy with blood on his hands is obviously better, because "he's secular". Iraq is obviously better than Turkey right now!

Also Trump supports Erdogan, look up his thoughts after the attempted coup. There are Trump Towers in Turkey.