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I got a New 3DS just recently. Not because it was needed, but just because I'm in full Nintendo Fanboy mode lately. =P

My old 3DS XL collects dust since then. Sure, the screens are bigger, but I was really surprised that the 3D on the new models is actually usable! It was so bad on my old 3DS XL that I always turned it off. On the new 3DS, I really enjoy the 3D without the need to freeze in that certain sweet spot. Oh yeah, I also had to choose between New 3DS and New 3DS XL obviously. I decided to get the smaller one for numerous reasons. I figured the smaller screens would result in a sharper image as the bigger one uses the same exact resolution. That aside, the fancy buttons in SNES colours made the deal for me. And the New 3DS was available here in a bundle with Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

I play a lot 3DS lately btw.

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