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Low78wagon said:
Baryonyx said:

USA have been weak since the day they was declared a livibg product, because they suffer from the long-term effect's from Capitalisme that gave birth to extreme Corporatism that vacuum clean the entire free market, in return between their never-ending esculating competition , their morality died a long time ago, it's now all about profits at all cost.

Deadly amount of sugar in the food is one of the symptoms of a failed system and US is surely number one with UK slagging behind. It's even started in Scandinavia, cause you know? corporations.

As long as Capitalisme is Hijacked by it's own lack of morality or enforced responsibility to sustain a healthy and also a free market.
The irony is that the greater the US appears to get, the bigger the system-fail rate in US goes up.

I never believe these things can be Fixed cause of the diverse opinions in life-styles will prevent common good. A Nation isn't a Nation unless they stand for the same values, if you don't like your Nation then move somewhere who is more fit for you.

LOL! I'm assuming you are for socialism? Go trump baby. We don't need another liar in the White House.

The fact that you believe Trump isn't a liar... lol. He's just feeding you what you want to hear like everyone else.