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and people, stop saying fans don't care and still buy the consoles/games.

Are we on VGchartz or what? those 3DS/WiiU sales are not great.

And when the rumors comes, eveybody Nintendo fans is like "yeah, it's going to have more power than a PS4, it's going to kick ass" and when someone say "well those Nintendo consoles have shit specs", they're like "specs don't matter". Let's be true to ourselves, specs matters, they always mattered, they mattered for the Wii and DS too, they had different specs, 2 screens with one touch screen? A motion sensored controller? All those were cutting edge.

Now again, not saying the NX should be a powerhouse like a Scorpio, that would be stupid. Nintendo needs to stay cheap, that 250$ 3DS and 350$ WiiU idea, wasn't a great one. But well it's not hard to make a 300 $ console with the same specs as a One and a nice gimmick for miyamoto and the casuals to be happy. Just don't put EVERYTHING on the gimmick like the way overpriced gamepad that was barely used, or the 3D of 3DS that was well, turned off by evrybody

So, let's do it