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deskpro2k3 said:
My pick would be Nathan Fillion.

I think his face is too soft, Nate needs to be a little more rugged.


Wahlberg - not good enough of an actor.
Pratt - he's played too many similar roles and he lacks something imo.
Fillion - too clean of a look, doesn't seem to have the edge that Drake needs
Renner - Looks old, would be a decent choice 10 years ago.
Dalton - he's got a lot going for him, but simply doesn't look like Drake.

To me Gerard Butler is the perfect choice. He looks like Drake, he's fit just the way Drake should be, he's got that sexy bastard attitude about him, but having experience in comedies, would know how to show the cuter side of Drake. So yeah, I'm totally convinced here, I think he beats everyone else here. The only con is that he's 45, but he sure does look younger. I'd go with him in a heartbeat.

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