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Ljink96 said:
Bryank75 said:

Not on board? Yes they are, they all have dev kits..... 

Just cause Colin on KF said that a few devs he knows are not too happy doesn't mean all are the same way. 

EA Had WiiU dev kits... the customers are ultimately going to drive how well the PS4 NEO does. NEO has been said to be a headache for other developers, forgot the big company that said this, but having to make a game run at at certain FPS varying between consoles, would be a major headache along with VR. Unless PS4 is phased out, NEO is DOA if it doesn't have much to offer other than power.

Meh, if you think so.  Not long to go now.... 

They have to make games for all types of PC's, NX and Scorpio a year down the line. Sony has the largest playerbase and the fastest selling platform by a long way.... If anyone has to be fully supported by devs, it is them. 

Games will be on PS4 and Neo... nobody is left out. You buy the same game. Same peripherals and your library comes with you.... 

PS4 price is gonna drop and many people will upgrade along with first time buyers into the gen. I cannot wait.