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ToastyJaguar said:
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ToastyJaguar said:
i think a comparison is in order with the ps3 and 360.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 enjoyed much stronger 3rd party support because industry experts predicted the Wii's failure. This gave it a late start and only now is good 3rd party support showing up. If you want to make a comparison, be my guest but lets do it again in a year and the results may be quite different.

But even those titles you mentioned, Nintendo's own games are absolutly crushing anything else.

Third party support will be stronger in the future, but it's always going to be the Nintendo games that bring in the bigger bucks.

 Perhaps you're right that Nintendo will always be disproportionately succesful on its own systems. However, that is nothing particularly exceptional. With thanks to Sulla:


Here, we can see that first party sales typcially grab a larger percentage of users' money than third parties. The only exception to this rule so far has been the PS2: even the PS3 and original Playstation both followed this pattern.

Also, to Grampy: I agree with your point, but I also agree with kingofwale and parokki that projections are not the most efficient way of proving it. I've taken the liberty of posting financial data from the biggest three third-party publishers. Activision is first up.


This year, the Wii has accounted for 21% of their console revenue, the PS3 checks in at 18%, the 360 at 27%, and the PS2 at 21%. I'd like to point out also that the PS3, PS2, and 360 had more Activision games available than the  Wii, and that the 360 and PS3 both have Call of Duty 4, which is their best selling game by far. I'd also like to point out that these figures are for revenue: PS3 and 360 games cost more than Wii games do, so more Wii games must be sold to equal the HD consoles totals. That caveat applies to the other two publishers as well. Furthermore, even with those two handicaps, the Wii still sold more for Activison than the PS3.


This is EA's report. Until March 31st, the Wii brought in 7% of EA's revenue, the 360 did 11%, the PS3 was 14%, and the PS2 beat them all at 15%. Again, these figures are revenue, not profit, and reflect that Wii games are much cheaper than the HD consoles, often by more than ten dollars, and that there are fewer offerings from EA for the Wii at this time (19 vs. 28). Furthermore, the sales data on this site has the Wii games selling roughly on par with those of the HD consoles. A word of warning, though: this site appears to beundertracking some of the Wii games, as IGN has reported that Tiger Woods 08 has sold best on the Wii, yet this site shows the 360 outselling it by over 2:1.


The Wii is 9%, the 360 is 33%, the PS3 is 23%, and the PS2 is 2%. This difference is the most dramatic of the three developers, but also the most expected. Recall that Ubisoft has released two bigh hitters that impact this quarter for the PS3 and the 360: Rainbow Six and Assassin's Creed. By contrast, the only games they've released for the Wii are Raving Rabbids 2 and the niche No More Heroes.

There's more data from other third parties indicating that their Wii sales are above what they were expecting. Capcom, Sega, Hudson, and more have been seeing sales that far exceed their expectations. These numbers are reinforced by the increasingly large amount of third party development for the system that is coming fairly soon. So yes, Grampy, I would say you are correct about your assertion. Although I do have one question for you: why did you use projected numbers to prove your point about current third party successes, especially when we're on a sales site?