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kowenicki said:
kowenicki said:

Not quite that simple.  Some segments benefit from the yen and others suffer.

Overall, sales and revenue are actually down more on a constant currency basis.  In other words, as a group Sony did better due to the current Yen rate.

Sales and revenue down about 1% YOY, but that translates to being down 4% on constant currency basis.

And I'd expect SNE to drop today after these results (where is the growth?) and the interest rate decision in Japan.  I could be wrong.

As I expected. Down more than the market today at over 5% down. Analysts will be looking for where growth is coming from as there doesn't appear to be any prospect of it in these numbers, tight margins and the worsening currency situation.

Like I said, I predicted the stock to be up when they announce their forecast, not up on the results from this quarter.