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Mr Puggsly said:
Azuren said:

It is true, and it's typically not the other way around. GwG's best titles are typically PS+ hand-me-downs.

No, not really. That has especially not been true since PS4 launched and Sony's offerings became indie focused. By the way, PS4 has only received about 3 retail releases. While X1 has had about 9 retail releases.

Before PS4 launched, Sony was better at giving away notable games because that was the only incentive to being a PS+ member. But now, they really don't give a shit because people subscribe for CoD, BF, Star Wars, Destiny, etc.

Also, GwG and PS+ don't share a vast majority of games. And as I stated before, there are definitely cases where PS+ got the "hand-me-downs."




You're right, there's not a whole lot of cross over. That said, PS3 just curb stomps everything in variety. None of the other three platforms have as much.


Your numbers, as just numbers, are also sound. But that 3 to 9 you have is a bit of a strange number to share, since only four of the retail releases on GwG are worth anything and only two on PS+ are worth anything. Counting retail releases just because they're retail leaves you open to trashy retail games (Thief, for example) and excludes digital gems like Rogue Legacy... Which doesn't seem fair.


However, it's clear you like the GwG offering more. Personally, the only game on there I would like that was also not available to PS+ was Black Flag, and I bought that game at launch anyway. On the other hand, I've been shown absolute marvels of gaming like Grow Home and Unfinished Swan that I otherwise wouldn't have given a second look because I didn't want to put money down on a potentially bland experience. And because of the cross buy function, the PS4 typically gets more than two games a month, so in spite of having more retail releases than PS+, I'm going to say I've been given a better experience with it than what GwG has offered. 

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