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JNK said:
Teeqoz said:

Oh you are right. The Note 5 is actually more powerful than the S6 which already blew the Iphone 6S plus out of the water. Wow! FYI the Note 5 is only 3 months younger than the S6.


Note 5: 819$


Iphone 6s plus: 905$

I was looking at looking at the 32GB model of the Note 5 first, didn't think about that. But the 32GB one is still ~100 dollars cheaper and much much more powerful

Like I said in my comment (If you read it), after you fator in a 4K screen which is about 500$, you still end up paying 1000$ less.

And sure, I can give you somethings outperforming macbook pros too:


Your ridiculous. I already prooved by several videos (speed test) and benchmark that the iPhone 6s is stronger then both the note 5 and galaxy s6, even in multicore socre (by 8 vs 2 cores) but your still claiming the samsung phones would be superior? Whats wrong with you? Are you able to READ?


PS: the only similar 5k screen at the moment is the Dell Ultrasharp 27 which alone is 2200 bucks. You probl dont even know the differences between 4k and 5k though.


PPS: "Outperforming" by using plastic case, an SSHD and not even an SSD, an Full HD LED Display (vs Retina IPS display) and just 8 GB Ram? Dude...just lol. The cheapest macbook pro (uses a HDD as well) is even cheaper btw.

You are really really unedcuated in terms of computer and mobile hardware. Just stop talking about it. Your just saying nonesense over and over again, still very amusing to read your comments :D

No, speed tests don't tell you have powerful the hardware is. And you're saying I'm the one talking nonsense? The XBO is faster than the PS4 in speed tests, but that's not because it's more powerful. It has to do with software. Not hardware. The Galaxy S6 is factually more powerful than and Iphone 6S plus. It simply has more powerful hardware. The Iphone 6s plus can outperform it in speed tests because of software optimization. Not because it's more powerful. Keep on denying facts though, it's amusing that you think I am the ridiculous one though.


The difference in image quality between a 4K and a 5K screen is negligable. And I do know what 4K and 5K means. What is up with the insults?


The laptop has a better CPU, a waaaaaay better GPU and just as much RAM as most Macbook Pros. SSHD vs SSD has little to do with actual hardware power, and wether the PC is made with plastic or metal has nothing to do with hardware power. Retina IPS display vs LED display, again, doesn't matter for performance.


It's pretty fun how you call me an Android fanboy but I'm still writing this reply from my Iphone 5s. And once again, it's ironic that you call me uneducated in terms of computer/mobile hardware, yet you have shown extremely limited knowledge on the subject yourself.