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PS4 has plenty of games, but thats because Sony is backed by a Japanese market that will mostly not go multiplatform. They didnt even go multiplatform when Sony was losing last gen. When people say Sony has no games, they mean AAA titles.

That's moronic because Psa4 has more AAA games then the competition...and you cannot dismiss PSn and japanese games cause reasons, to fit a narative...What did MS release this year before the holidays? Outside of Halo which is even in mass decline none of MS so called Big hitters sold much at all. this narative is pathetic quit frankly...


No one is defending Microsoft. Both owned opposite ends of the year, but Microsoft came with the games that mattered at the right time of the year. Its as simple as that. Anyway, since Microsoft has been gathering blockbustered, Sony has admitted that their AAA first party titles have been sparse (by sony standards). Luckily for us PS4 owners, Sony announced that 2016 will see more AAA titles. Now that this is known the concept of this being "moronic" can be thrown out of the window. :)


True on that.

This year thou i bet gravity rush 2 and  the last guardian will be for end of the year.


That sounds great! Sony has so many chances to own the year since Scalebound got pushed back to 2017 as well. So far its looking like Sony has it in the bag. If Sony reveals more major exclusives for 2016 its going to become overwhelming. Heh