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MTZehvor said:
noname2200 said:

Could not disagree more about the Panthers. They've looked bad on all sides of the ball, and their defeat of the Jaguars, Texans, Saints, and Bucs (combined record to date: 4-17) does not persuade me otherwise. If they beat the Packers, I might start to come around. They MIGHT still make the playoffs, because they will play fourteen of their games against the NFC South, AFC South, and NFC East, but that would be a Strength Of Schedule wildcard team, not a quality playoff team.

I agree that the Panthers look bad, but...have many teams looked better? I wouldn't be surprised if they get the wild card as all, especially with their schedule of theirs.

Frankly, it could not be any more of an embarrassment of a year, competition-wise, for the NFL, esp. in the year they'll be celebrating SB 50.  As I've said before, the cherry on top of this year, would be Goodell having to give Kraft another Lombardi (not saying it WILL happen...just that it'd be a cherry on top).