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GreyianStorm said:
Lawlight said:


This shooting has had coverage in Australia but not much elsewhere.

And realistically, why should it? Why should an incident involving 2 deaths be international news? An estimated 150,000 people die every single day. So these 2 deaths represented a little over 1 second of the deaths that occur every day. Someone shot someone, then ended up getting shot. Is it sad? Yes. Would it be better if these things didn't happen? Certainly. Is it in any way relevant to the rest of the world? No.

By that logic 9-11 accounted for just under 30mins worth of dying in a single day. Never forget! I'm not sure I see the logic that you're getting at. It's still a terror related killing even if it is 1/1500th 9-11 it should still surely appear on international news? Just saying that I hadn't heard of this before this thread.


edited bad maths - It was 30 mins worth.

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