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Farsala said:
Steelers are good especially once they get their whole team together.

Bell + Bryant + Ben playing like he has lately = decently scary team on offense imho. Defensively they might be incomplete, but honestly no team is complete at the moment, and many are FAR from it.

I have a feeling things will look way way different by midseason. There will be lots of panicking and general confusion, but the final stretch of the season should see some big streaks put up by the best 4-6 teams in the league, while the others largely tailspin.

Recovery-wise (of the 0-2 teams so far) :

Seahawks : They should be a contender for the NFCW, but the weaker O line is a concern. They miss Kam. 10-6?

Colts : They look fairly bad, but they just played back to back games against teams with solidly great defenses. Their division is a joke. 9-7?

Eagles : Deep systemic problems. They gutted their O line, they have no WR talent to speak of, their RBs don't fit the system, and the QB looks lost. Putting in Sanchez in THIS mess of a division I think nets them an 8-8 or 9-7 run, but they may lose so many division games along the way that it doesn't matter.

Giants : They are likely to be healthiest and most put together the soonest in the division imho, even if there will still be holes. Possible 10-6, but that would mean 10-4 the rest of the way, so I think 9-7 is more likely.

Ravens : I don't follow them, I have no idea.

Texans : Hah. Put Watt in at QB and then we'll talk. Even their defense this year has been giving points like crazy, and Watt hasn't broken a game open yet.

Lions : In that division? Even dropping Suh, they shouldn't be this bad. They are clearly regressing, and Stafford is beat up. I heard in the game coverage earlier that he is going to play in Denver. BIG mistake. If the Vikings defense beat him up, who just got done making SF's offense look like a Super Bowl contender, then Denver's D is going to wreck his world. 0-3 start, and then they travel to Seattle, who should have Kam back and be very, VERY pissed off? 0-4 start. Dumpster fire.

Bears : Dumpster fire.

Saints : Dumpster fire. Brees is banged up, and there just isn't talent at any level in that organization right now. They will finish with a lower record than WAS, bank on it.