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Player2 said:

WTF is happening with Mercedes in Singapore.

Singapore is a very corner heavy circuit, and the other teams have updates to now. Mercedes has the advantage in engine power but other than that, their car isn't that much better than the competition. Not to mention the number of bad starts they hade.

A month ago in Hungaroring, a very corner heavy circuit too, the Mercs were 1.2 seconds faster than the 2nd best team with a Mercedes engine (so the engine isn't a factor). Suddently they are only 0.2 faster. I don't buy the idea that all Mercedes-powered teams got non-engine related upgrades worth a full second in less than a month, and the rest of the grid over a second of upgrades (since Mercedes is using an updated power unit and that needs to be compensated too).

Mercedes themselves state it's because of the tyres and that they can't get enough grip. But all Mercedes powered cars seem to be struggling a bit. Then again maybe every team is lacking grip so additional engine power can't be put to good use, and therefor leveling the playingfield a bit.