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FromDK said:
Euphoria14 said:
Miyamotoo said:

Because Wii U 3rd party support died in Wii Us first year!?

So what, they will have 3 consoles on the market? WiiU, 3DS and NX?

NX is replacing something.

NX is "brand new concept" therefor mayby not.. mayby this is a dedicated gaming phone or some kind of VR system.

We don't know.. but a 2016 replacment for WiiU.. would be the thing that make the less sense.. IF it should replace anything.. it would most lickly be 3DS.

3DS still sells well and DQXI is coming out for 3DS.

WiiU doesn't sell well and has little to no support what so ever, including no DQXI (even though it got DQX). It makes more sense than a 3DS replacement. Makes even more sense than a Nintendo phone.

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