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sc94597 said:
Hedra42 said:

Responses in bold.

Stating a possibility based on inductive logic is not diagnosing somebody. Please become more familiar with the word "diagnosis." 

The speech impediment is an "abnormality" because the majority of people don't have one. There is a reason why such children go through speech therapy. It doesn't mean it is any less real or any less different because it might go away some day. 

You are confounding two separate quote trees. Your original quote in this one is with regards to my quote to ArchangelMaddz. Please review it. 

I know the difference between diagnosis and stating possibilities based on inductive logic, thank you, but from the below, you seem to have taken those possibilities and turned them into a diagnosis:

sc94597 said:

The developers obviously didn't know how to answer questions from kids, and particularly the kids in the audience with disorders of various types.

Abnormal or not, speech impediments are not an indication that someone has a social disorder. The kid with the lisp had a broken tooth, ffs.

I did not refer to the original quote in one of the quote trees. I referred to my original point, which is that I don't believe that the video, or this thread had originally been made with the intention of mocking disabled children. It was part of a response to -CraZed-, who first made assumptions about those kids based on those short clips, and then used those assumptions as a basis for accusing the OP of claiming that Notch sold Minecraft because of some questions posed by 'special needs' kids. And since our discussion has been about making assumptions about special needs, it is related.

And while my original response in the quote tree to your comment to ArchangelMaddz initially misinterpreted who's reactions you were talking about, the points I made both before and after you clarified your comment are still relevant to this discussion: the video is nothing more sinister than just a compilation of awkward moments, and it isn't right to assume someone has a disability of some kind based on a few minutes' footage and then use it as an argument against others.



In any event, suggesting that someone has or could have special needs when they might not, especially in a situation where they have zero chance of defending themselves, is no better than mocking those people that do.