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Let's get something straight here. Rightly or wrongly, that video was put together for the laughs; it compiled the worst of the bunch to create the biggest cringe. It achieved its goal, whether it sickens people or not.

To those people who feel the need to defend those kids because they think they are disabled, be careful what you say. You may have insulted some ordinary kids who've been left to rot for too long in front of their computers or consoles by their parents and/or are simply overcome with awe at the chance of asking the devs about their favourite game.

Sure, it's possible one or two of those kids might have some inherent social development issues and sure, it's wrong to mock them but it's also wrong to make a casual diagnosis based on a few minutes' footage and then use it to judge others' reactions. 

It's possible for a kid to be capable of being awkward, stupid, funny, cute or downright intelligent and insightful regardless of their health, background, developmental issues or whatever.

To the people who are criticising the devs for how they handled the kids' questions, and to the people criticising some of the reactions on this thread, it's not a crime to have not had any experience dealing with kids. Those of us who are parents or work regularly  with kids should remember that there was a time when we did not have that experience. It may have meant our ignorance was greater back then, but it didn't make us bad people.

That video showed a situation that allowed kids to pose questions to their idols, and it highlights the moments where it backfired. It was funny, it was cringeworthy, it was kids being kids. And that's it - that's all there is to it.