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Ok guys, what do you think of the answers?

I wished more of you jumped on board, thread could of been loads better.

I liked that he passed by and answered some of the questions. I guess that he wouldn't have answered some "hard" questions regarding the site or his own personal life because... well, to be frank, it's none of our business.


That said, I think it could be good for the site if every six months or so, Brett/ioi could make a thread to let us know what is going on. Of course, he couldn't say anything too revealing or give us exact details, but a simple "we know about X, Y and Z problems and we're working on them starting with Y, expect something in the next couple of months" or "we're working hard to improve our sales accuracy in this or that market/region. Can't say more about this at the moment" could be enough to put some concerns to rest.

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