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SvennoJ said:

It wasn't so bad in White Orchard, but now I'm in Velen it's way too long. I'm playing on easy, I'll get my fun from speed and not getting hit at all. Long reloads on death will ruin a game for me.

fair enough. it will take you 25 hours if you speed run it :). its a highly addictive game

Haha I will never make it in 25 hours. Speedy battles I meant. It seems "just the story" difficulty is a bit of a lie. It only adjusts the level range a bit. You still need to level up and do things in order at the appropriate level. I make it hard on myself regardless of the difficulty :)

I was wandering around Velen, still lvl 4, saw a bandit camp with lvl 10's in it, thought to give it a try. Died on the first attemp. You hardly damage them and they hit for 40% to 60% of your health per hit (which I have boosted with the +500 vitality). I was not doing bad actually, yet the camera got stuck in a tree, they got 2 hits in and dead. Second attempt I quickly took out the archers and stayed away from trees, doable yet lengthy fight, no reward though.

Somehow that made me think I could do the lvl 10 contract, fight a noonwraith. I was hitting it, 150 fast to 220 damage with strong attack, magic trap worked fine. This went on from midnight to 2:30 am in game time. No health bar on her so no clue how far down she was. Meanwhile the ground got littered with the corpses of the extras she spawns. She still managed to get a hit in now and then so I ran out of food (takes a lot to recover from 1 hit since I had run out of swallow long ago). The game ever so helpful decided to get me drunk lol.
I backed off a bit to meditate to get swallow back, yet no clue if the noonwraith recovers as well then? Anyway not seeing any progress I gave up after half an hour, looted all the corpses (about 20 noonwraith mutagens) and went to do the witch quest.

Ofcourse during wandering the dark my sword went red, must have worn it down with the noonwraith. I was also still out of food. At some point you have to defend keira metz while staying in a circle. Not that easy with the clunky controls and automatic forwad movement while fighting. Health goes down very fast outside the circle, are you insta dead on hard difficulty? Letting them in a little closer to stay in the center had Keira's health bar go down to 40% in 2 seconds... In the last circle I suddenly couldn't use my sword anymore, only punch and signs, which soon became drunk punching as that was the only vitality regen stuff I had. Clusterfuck, yet funny too. Somehow I made it through, both of us with hardly any health left.

I did go from lvl 4 to lvl 6 on that one story quest. Maybe I can dispatch that noonwraith now lol.
(I did leave the camp full of lvl 13 wraiths alone at the end of wandering the dark, I'm learning)

Yup the game wants you to explore everything  as you will get lots of good loot and you need to do these quests to gain that experience. fatest way to leel up is to undiscover hte question marks. you gian good shit with it.

you can kill  level 10 guys even if you are level 4 or 5. you just need to have the weaposn for it. i have been killing enemies 5 to 7 levels higher then me.  Best way is to discover the question marks. they tend to give you good weapons and armor. atm i have the dwarf hatchet taht gives my steel weapon to 210 and i have a rare silver sword that boost my silver attack to 293 at level 6.  Also you are right, always kill yoru archer, plus with humans , you the sign above aard. the one that controls people. if you stun, all you need to do , is to go with your stell sword and its instant kill . only works with humans though.


Yea  i learnt my mistake trying to play hard on witcher 2. so this time i am playing it  on normal. I wouldnt know if its instant death on hard as i am not playing it lon hard.  For me the controls are perfect compared to the witcher 2 . if you have played the series , then by now you would be used to it.  I guess if you are use to bloodbournes combat, this will take quite a  bit of tiem to get use to it.  If you meditate, the enemies dont recover. itsonly you who will heal life lol.  with regards t  your noon wraiths, you probably encountered a bug . you would have to restart it lol. 


Good idea especially  on the diffculty you are playing on.