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bigtakilla said:
Scoobes said:

Really? Considering there's not a full blown commercial product out and there are an increasingly large list of developers on board with different VR projects:


With only the Occulus Rift dev kit, there are already nearing 200 games with native VR support plus others with unofficial mod support. That list is obviously not including studios involved with Sony and we don't know if any additional studios are involved with Valve and HTC's project.

The other factor that sceptics are completely ignoring is the fact that VR is also becoming a great medium for showing movies:



So I very much doubt content will be a major hurdle.

The last problem for VR I see is cost, but we don't know how much these devices will cost yet. Obviously, costs will come down as time goes on though. 

Like 3D was for gaming? I'm just saying it's not so cut and dry. There are a TON of 3D movies, and quite a few 3D games and it's not a big time hit. The best example we have is the 3DS, and most people prefered to turn the 3D off. 

Have you ever tried VR?