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Sony has gone about this in the best way possible. They haven't forced any non-essential peripheral with their console like the disasters of Kinect 2.0 and the Gamepad. Sure you could argue Morpheus wasn't ready for the PS4 launch, but I reckon it would have been an OPTIONAL accessory if it were. Part of good Business practice is to take risks ; which is exactly what Sony is doing with Morpheus .

Detractors whine and moan about a lack of innovation with the PS4 , then complain that Morpheus will fail/ wont be relevant etc. So what if it doesn't come with every PS4. Does a peripheral HAVE to be sold through a bundle to be sucessful these days, or can't we let it be sucessful on its' own merits instead of making it Mandatory? (Kinect 2.0 says hi).

Damned if you do , Damned if you don't .